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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


If I had to admit to having one vice, it would without a doubt be my obsession with online shopping. Throughout the past few years of college, especially in the times I did not yet have a car, I have discovered a whole new world of shopping on the internet. And I think I have even come to prefer it over aimlessly walking around crowded malls. The selection online is so much more unique and I personally love having clothes that are not readily available to every other person who does not know about the hidden gems of the internet. In addition to broadening your selection of cute clothes and accessories, online shopping offers a ton of deals that you can't get in stores! I have found that one of the greatest tools to go along with online shopping is following your favorite brands on Twitter! Most brands offer deals exclusively to Twitter users who follow their brands and often provide promo codes with #hashtags. I would definitely recommend following your favorite stores and brands on their social media networks to take advantage of these deals. To help you out with finding some great online shopping sites with some of my favorite brands, I have put a list together of a few of my favorites!

~Browse through the A-Z list of designers on Revolve Clothing's website and you'll find yourself in front of your computer for hours. Revolve has a huge selection of designers that range from affordable to higher-priced brands. You can basically find stylish clothes and accessories for any occasion and I guarantee people will be asking where you get your clothes from! Revolve doesn't have retail stores, only their online site so take advantage of their exclusivity now that you know about it! BONUS: Revolve offers free shipping and free returns on every order, not to mention they also have great sales!

2. Planet Blue
~Going back to my obsession for everything "boho-chic", this online shopping site is the epitome of the California-girl style. There are a handful of Planet Blue stores located in California, but if you're not lucky enough to visit the shop in person, check out this website for the cutest styles from unique brands. For instance, the Australian brand One Teaspoon, the fun knitwear brand WILDFOX, and one of Planet Blue's exclusive brands Blue Life are big sellers on this site! They have great 50-75% off sales and often offer deals on shipping on certain brands throughout the year!

3. TopShop
~This brand that started in the UK has recently crossed the pond to America and I could not be more excited! There are currently only US store locations in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles but the brand has also partnered up with Nordstrom, making it more accessible for American fans of this stylish British brand. The prices are affordable, the clothes are adorable, and the customer service is impeccable! What more could you ask for?!

Let me know what you think of my favorite online shopping sites in the comments! Let us know your favorites, too!


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