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Friday, May 24, 2013


It would be more appropriate to call my relationship with Clarisonic a lifetime obsession. If you're unfamiliar with the name, Clarisonic is a pulsating skin care brush that does wonders for your skin. If you're ever feeling like your skin looks dull and needs a refresher, the Clarisonic will work to fix every problem. The pulsing movement of the brush acts like a buffer on your skin to remove any dead skin or imperfections. Once you use it, you can see an immediate change in your complexion. Not only does it give a nice glow to your skin, but it will also make your face feel incredibly soft and clean. Because I use the Clarisonic for buffering my skin, I'll only use it a few times a week because I've found that my skin feels sensitive if I use it everyday. The Clarisonic cleansing system might be a splurge for some of you, as it goes for around $200 but there is a great option called the Clarisonic Mia that is smaller and only has one speed but it also only costs $119. This is actually the version that I use and I love it! BONUS: The Mia comes in a ton of cute colors to choose from so you can add a little personality to your otherwise boring cleansing routine!



  1. I cannot live with my clarisonic. Takes off my makeup so well and I've had less acne because of it!

  2. We agree Cake Couture! Your blog looks great, can't wait to check it out more!

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