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Monday, May 27, 2013

How To: Dress Festive Without Being Obvious

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Today's How To is tailored to dressing for Holidays without being obnoxiously obvious about it.

I absolutely love to dress up for holidays regardless of how big or small they are. There is just something about going to my closet and having the challenge of dressing to a theme without looking like my parents dressed me for a 4th of July parade when I was a kid. I also love it when people point out that I dressed to theme and I can look at my outfit and act like I had no idea that that happened. I like live for that moment for some weird reason, but it really can be a challenge so here at The Glamorous Graduate, we tried to put together a how to so that you can have your moment too.

1. Go Off Hue: Just because Memorial Day's colors are classic crimson, navy and white doesn't mean that you have to dress in exactly those colors. Going off hue like the JCrew top below shows that you're being festive with your outfit choice, but you're not being a try hard. By doing this, it's like you just happened to be in theme for the day accidentally on purpose of course.

2. Play with Patterns: This is just a cardinal rule for every day, but it especially rings true when you're trying to effortlessly dress the part for a holiday. The high waisted skirt by Alex and Olivia has a nice blue to it that fits into Memorial Day's colors, but it doesn't scream that that is its sole purpose in your closet.

3. Accent Accordingly: Don't be too matchy-matchy. Even though you may be off hue, you don't want your accessories to be exactly in the same blue and red as you used in your outfit. Your accessories should hint at your colors, but not match them so well that it's obvious. The Chan Lu bracelet in this outfit accents the red of the top and the yellow of the clutch well, but doesn't match them perfectly.

4. Use Surprising Accessories: Just because the colors of today are Red, White and Blue doesn't mean you can't use accent colors outside of that palette like you would in your every day style choices. By using surprising accessories like the yellow BCBG Generation clutch, you are able to really look the part of Memorial Day, but actually be able to pretend like you weren't trying to.

"Oh! I guess I did dress in Memorial Day colors! I had no idea! I wasn't even trying to this morning" (Don't worry, your secret's safe with the girls at The Glamorous Graduate)

Memorial Day


  1. I love that skirt! How festive!

    1. Alexa-
      Our contributor Maddie loves Alice and Olivia (I mean how could you not?!)