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Thursday, May 16, 2013

CURRENT OBSESSION: Statement Necklaces

Some mornings I go to my closet, whether it be a work day or a weekend and absolutely hate everything I have in there. This is completely absurd because I have so many clothes it's actually comical, but there are just those mornings where I have to get dressed and everything is just so... drab. Either I have worn an outfit a hundred times, or I put things together that just seem too simple, or I can't piece together a new outfit because it's morning and I'm an extraordinarily dysfunctional human being in the morning. Whatever the case may be, my saving grace on mornings like thess is the statement necklace. The best part about statement necklaces is that they are so incredibly versatile and totally chic right now, especially if you're in love with a preppy and polished style like I am. I can put one over a collared shirt for an interesting detail to go to work in, slap one on over a flowy white tank and colored shorts to run errands in, or accessorize a solid dress to go to a brunch and every single time I get so many compliments on how amazing it looks. It truly is amazing what a difference a simple piece can do to your whole outfit. At the moment, my personal favorites are on the bigger side, but simple in their design and are turquoise or salmon. These will give you a ton of versatility amongst a wide spectrum of colors and outfits. To my surprise, the turquoise gives a pop of color against almost everything in my closet from lavender, to navy, to black and even coral. It's an extremely trendy color right now and it truly brings out the clothes I already own and make them a brand new outfit without having to really try or spend a ton of money to do it.
I do have a couple personal favorite places to buy my statement necklaces because while I love J.CREW,  I have a really hard time dropping upwards of $130 on a necklace that might go out of style in a few seasons. Therefore, I shop Francesca's because they always have an amazing selection of pieces that are just the right size, color and price. They almost always look like I spent way more than I did on them and they hold up. Forever 21 also surprisingly has an amazing selection for statement necklaces and for the price, it's a great place to grab a necklace to match something particular without feeling guilty later if it doesn't match everything in your closet. I'm currently obsessed with the one I have in turquoise by them pictured above. It literally matches and completes everything in my closet. So if you're as useless as me in the morning and your wardrobe needs a little sprucing up on the cheaper side of things, try a statement necklace that will make your outfit seem trendy, put together and more interesting all at once.


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