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Thursday, May 16, 2013

SPLURGE or SAVE: Hair Care Edition

Do you SPLURGE or SAVE on your hair care routine? free polls 

Hair Care: SPLURGE

Most people would be surprised to know that I have really wavy-curly hair. This is because I do terrible things to my hair to get it stick straight, to the point where you would never know what my natural texture is. I'm talking heating tools on heating tools. In order to combat all of this heat damage that I'm probably doing to my hair, I need hair care that will make my hair healthier while moisturizing it. Luckily, I have a grandparent that is obsessed with QVC and helped me to discover Wen Hair Care. Wen is great for my hair because the system is based on using a conditioning cleanser in place of shampoo and conditioner. Wen's cleansing conditioner doesn't have the sulfates that are found in shampoos and can often strip your hair of important natural oils. I can definitely feel the difference after using Wen and using regular shampoo. My hair feels extremely dry and tangled after using shampoo while my hair feels soft and moisturized after using Wen. I will NEVER go back to using regular shampoo. Wen will cost you more than going to the drug store to buy any Pantene Pro-V shampoo. You can get a 6 oz. bottle from QVC for around $24 but the bottle will last you a long time, the cleansing conditioners come in great scents like Lavender or Sweet Almond Mint, and the price is definitely worth the results you get from switching to a cleansing conditioner treatment!


Hair Care: SAVE
I've already mentioned how obsessed I am with Lush bath products, but they sell amazing hair care products as well. Unlike Erin, my hair is extremely fine, and dries stick straight with zero volume even in 100% humidity. I could not for the life of me, find a hair care routine that gave me volume without weighing my hair down and making it look greasy. Literally, first world problems, but for fine- haired women this is serious business. I searched high and low for the perfect shampoo, spending copious amounts of money on anything that I thought might work for me. Thankfully, my obsession with Lush gave me more than just an excuse to splurge on bath products. It gave me the opportunity to save on my hair care routine. I use a funky shampoo by them called Seanik, which is a solid shampoo bar that is packed full of lemon oil for shine, seaweed for softness and sea salt for awesome volume. I follow that with their conditioner Veganese. Like Seanik, Veganese was made for fine hair and has many of the same components that make Seanik so amazing. The best part is that it contains agar seaweed gel which makes my hair so incredibly soft without the weight that comes with even the most expensive conditioners and the lemon oil scent lingers in my hair after I blow dry it. I can't express how easy this routine makes my life because I don't even have to use a spray or gel to give me volume before I dry my hair. Using these products is like having a cool island breeze go through my hair without the worry that my hair will look greasy or flat by 2 in the afternoon. Even better, Seanik lasts me a good 3 months, can travel through airport security effortlessly and is only $12. Veganese is slightly more expensive, but the biggest bottle, which is $33, lasts me about 7 months, but it would probably last much longer if I didn't have extremely long hair. Needless to say, both of these products give me Hollywood hair everyday without the exorbitant costs that often comes with it.


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