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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SPLURGE OR SAVE: Jeans Edition

Do you SPLURGE or SAVE on your jeans? free polls 


Once upon I time, I lived in bargain jeans. Lucky's  were my go- to in terms of denim. I could go to their outlet, get two for $100 and man, I thought they looked great! That was until I received a pair of J Brand Jeans as a gift. All at once the denim Gods opened the heavens and gave unto me the best pair of jeans my butt had ever experienced. The pair of jeans that turned me designer was the '811' Skinny Stretch. They were a wiggle to get into, but the mid-rise shaped my waist perfectly and arched over the perfect butt I never knew I had until these beauties came along. Long story short, I'm never going back. The $158 pair of jeans was totally worth the SPLURGE just in how good they made my butt, hips and thighs look and how that made me feel in terms of both comfort and confidence. No other designer can compare to their fit and they maintain their quality and shape over time. 

The emotional roller coaster that is the search for perfect jeans is over, ladies. Gone are they days of trying on 25 pairs at just one store only to leave feeling underwhelmed, unattractive and unsuccessful. J Brand is the answer to the search for perfect jeans, there simply is nothing better. 




We all know the girl who has a closet with a section dedicated to denim. These are the girls who collect designer jeans and have a different pair for every occasion. This girl is not me. When it comes to jeans, I buy a couple of pairs within a year's time and wear them down until I can't wear them anymore. That is why when it comes to spending on jeans, I always choose to SAVE! The best part about saving on denim is that you do not have to sacrifice quality or style with less expensive denim brands. There are some great brands that offer jeans for less than $100 and can be found at most any department store. The brand you see in the pictures above is a relatively new brand called BLANK NYC. They offer so many different on-trend styles such as the tuxedo-inspired jeans, high-waist denim short, and pastel colored jeans. Another great option to save on jeans is the brand else, which you can find at any Macy's department store. else is a product of the more expensive denim line, Joe's Jeans. However, else's prices start at $68 and offer a great option for comfortable jeans with a stretch and style fit for young adults. These are just a couple of options for saving on jeans purchases. Let us know what your favorite denim brands are in the comments below! Also, don't forget to take our poll: Jeans: SPLURGE or SAVE?


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